Fashions by RoPuddles partners with local non-profit Painted Pink, Inc.

Fashions by RoPuddles partners with local non-profit Painted Pink, Inc.

Shop with a purpose!  Fashions by RoPuddles is happy to announce our partnership with the local non-profit Painted Pink, Inc.  A portion of our October sales will be donated to this outstanding group.

Here is an excerpt from Painted Pink blog post.  For more information, please visit

Painted Pink Inc. is dedicated to educating every black millennial on breast health. Our pink ambassadors in the photo, with their bronzed cheeks and bright eyes, are all black millennial women have overcome breast cancer.

Painted Pink Inc.

The one thing they all craved during their breast cancer treatment was a community of young women who looked like them that could relate to. It was important to be able to discuss the uniqueness of their color while fighting cancer. Things like figuring out the best natural hair products for new growth after chemo, or being the matriarch of their homes all the while still finding the personal time for themselves, or learning to redefine beauty again after trauma.

None of the women pictured have a history of breast cancer in their families. Can you imagine being the first?!

Painted Pink Inc., is determined to relentlessly partner with health care professionals and breast cancer survivors to uncover why breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for black women and advocate on their behalf.

Painted Pink's Vision - A world where every black millennial will know their genetic history, advocate for themselves and feel financially supported if affected.

  • We empower black millennials to charge of their breast health.
  • We support black millennials with access to mentors, resources, and medical professionals who understand the intersection of breast health and culture.
  • We are proponents of the purposely pink lifestyle. This lifestyle is about knowing your genetic history and being proactive about fitness, nutrition, and clean beauty practices.

We are currently affiliated with Grady and Piedmont hospitals and Breast Body Beauty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery clinic in supporting their patients needs and we could use your help!


Thank you for your support of Breast Cancer Awareness month!  Happy Pinktober to you all!

Xoxo, Ro-

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