Elevate Your Look - How to Wear a Petticoat with a Skirt

Elevate Your Look - How to Wear a Petticoat with a Skirt

Petticoats.  Petticoats.  Petticoats.  I love the extra pizzazz a petticoat will give to your look.  Think "twirl, twirl and twirl".  But the ones I initially bought were stiff and heavy and could not be worn in warmer months, especially here in Atlanta.

I was on a mission to find petticoat options that could be worn all year round.  Here are my picks.  Let me know what you think!

Lightweight Midi Petticoat (shop similar here and here)

The look with a midi skirt.  You get a slight flare with your skirt that is very wearable.  Shop similar skirts (here).

Lightweight Maxi Petticoat (shop here)

This is how a maxi skirt looks with this option.  Again this petticoat is very lightweight and very wearable. You will able to get your twirl on.  Shop similar skirts (here).

Now if you want to go for drama, this is the petticoat for you!  It has 4 hoops and can be used for bridal gowns.  Notice how this option gives the same skirt a ballgown look.  I really do love it!

Bridal Petticoat (shop here)

The result is so very fabulous! 

Now go forth and TWIRL!  Xoxo, Ro-


I love the petticoats, will you be selling any more of the lightweight ones for maxi skirts?


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I wanted to know if the Maxi pink and green skirt shown in the blog area is for sale and how much.

Kenyatta Seals

Hi Victoria – There isn’t a way for me to reply to your comment so I hope you see this. I normally book events about 3-4 weeks ahead of time. I will do a private showing if there is enough people attending. Let me know the visit time you visit Atlanta. I appreciate your support!!!


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