Getting the "Perfect" Picture Ain't Easy

Getting the "Perfect" Picture Ain't Easy

I want to take good pictures for social media.  But who doesn't?  There was a point when I got too serious about my pictures.  I don't remember the exact day.  It might have been Memorial Day.  Everything was in order.  Logo tee.  Check.  Custom Signature skirt.  Check.  Cute hair.  Check.

But there was one element I couldn't control.  The weather.  As soon as Grant and I left to take pictures, it started to rain.  With the downpour of rain also went my psyche and positive attitude.  Everything seemed forced and unnatural.  I was getting wet.  My skirt was wrinkling.  I couldn't get a good picture.

I must have gone into DIVA mode.  Because I got fired by my photographer/husband.  He said he wasn't going to take my pictures anymore.  I could tell he wasn't playing.  Me - Sad face.

After about what seemed like a thousand snaps, I finally relaxed and got some good pics at the end of the shoot.

Now when we go out for pictures, I focus on finding a good background and enjoying myself.  I'm starting to get better pictures, and I'm learning my good angles. LOL!

I learned a valuable lesson.  There is no such thing as perfection.  Some things shouldn't be taken so seriously, and you should enjoy each moment.  You may miss something.  Like the opportunity to take a picture with a frog statue.

Xoxo, Ro-



Top:  Zara (old)

Skirt: ropuddles (here)


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