How Fashions By RoPuddles Was Created

How Fashions By RoPuddles Was Created

I learned how to sew because I wanted to make maxi skirts that dragged the floor. I bought a custom made maxi from a seller I found on Pinterest. The skirt was cute but the finishing was poorly done. After the first time I wore the skirt, I noticed a small hole in the front of the skirt. Even though I was learning how to sew, I felt that I could make a higher quality garment.

One day in class, I told my teacher, Lynne Blanks of the Sewing Institute, that I wanted to start a business making skirts for women. But I needed a name. She said, ‘You always alter your patterns so that your garments drag the ground. That style is called puddling. Why don’t you call it RoPuddles? It’s play on your name (Roshanna) and represents your personal style ’. After that class, I couldn’t get the name or the business idea out of my head.

Fashions by RoPuddles was birthed that day in my sewing class. Born in a place where creativity flows freely like a river flows into the ocean.

About a year and a half later, RoPuddles officially launched on December 12, 2015.

Excuse me please. Let me introduce myself.

Hello. My name is Roshanna Laws. I own Fashions by RoPuddles. I make long skirts that puddle the floor.

Here are a few of my favorite Custom Signature garments that I have made.


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