Maximize Your Maxi - How to Style a Maxi Skirt Multiple Ways

Maxi skirts can be easy to wear.  In warmer temperatures, you just pull it out of the closet, through on a tee, your favorite sandals, and off you go!  Easy styling is definitely the best styling.  However, you can maximize your maxi by styling your maxi skirt so that it can be worn all year around.

Here's how to wear your maxi skirt when temperatures drop.

1) Select a maxi skirt that has an elastic waistband.  An elastic waistband will enable you to wear your maxi as a skirt or a dress.  

2)  Layer your maxi with a long sleeved fitted t-shirt or button up.

3)  Add a jacket or blazer for added warmth and coverage.

4)  Throw you favorite pumps or booties.  If it is really cold, wear a knee boot.

Need a dose of style inspiration, wait for it .... 

Skirt:  Jigsaw Madness Maxi Skirt

Handbag:  Keep It Classy Clutch Bag

Wear your maxi skirt as a dress

Layer up with a vest or blazer

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