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Why Proper Fit Is Important When You Gain A Little Weight

Weight gain is something that most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives.  The causes of a person's weight gain are many.  A new love, health issues, added stress, lack of meal preparation can all cause us to gain weight.  It is funny how it is easier to put on pounds but so hard to get them off.

If you are far from your ideal size as I am, ensuring that you wear clothes that fit properly is very important.  Here are a few tips that can help you be your most stylish self at your current size.

1)  Do not wear silhouettes that are too tight.  A tight-fitting garment may remind you of that you need to shed a few pounds.  However, garments that are too tight tend to make us look bigger.  When clothes pull at our bust line and dig into our waist and crotch, they tend to draw attention to areas of our bodies where we are carrying extra weight.

2)  Do not wear styles that are too big.  It may be tempting to hide in our clothes when we have gained weight. Wearing clothes that are too big has the same effect as wearing clothes that are too little, ill-fitting clothes make you look bigger than you are.

3)  Invest in the right foundation garments.  Make sure you are wearing the right size bra.  The good fitting bra does not ride up you back.  The cups do not sag.  the straps do not dig into your shoulders.  Nor do the bands dig into your torso.  If you are having these issues, consider going to get fitted for a bra.  You are likely wearing the wrong size.

Also, consider purchasing a body shaper.  (See this post.)  A smoothing garment does wonders for obtaining the proper fit.  Wearing a body shaper also gives a confidence boost.  It feels good having that extra support, especially if you are wearing a form-fitting garment.

4)  Look for garments with stretch or elastic in the waistband.  A spandex blend fabric is a girl's best friend.  Garments with spandex move with you.  Pants, skirts, and dresses with elastic in the waistband grow with you (read:  gain a few) and shrink with you (read: lose a few).

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5)  When all else fails, cinch your waist.  If you wear a loose-fitting dress or shirt, add a wide belt. Wearing a wrap or wide belt will balance a full silhouette.

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6)  Do not forget to put on your confidence.  Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, gain a few, or if you are fine with your current size, create a style for yourself that makes you feel good.  Confidence by far is the best accessory of all.

Happy Styling!