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Why Shapewear Is Important For Garments To Fit Properly?

Most of us has an area of our body that we wish was a bit firmer.  Our backs, our stomachs, our thighs.  Having a little body giggle is quite natural and should be embraced.  It is a part of stepping over into the beauty of womanhood.

The evolution of control garments has been a game changer in how women dress themselves.  We no longer have to wear the uncomfortable and unsightly girdles and corsets our mothers suggested that we wear.  Currently, there are many shapewear options available for women.  More importantly, many options are now made for comfort.

However, not wearing the proper undergarments can cause a garment to become ill fitted.  This is why selecting the right shapewear is important and is essential to obtaining the proper fit.

Here a few tips that can help you select the right foundation garments.

  1. Select the size according to your body measurements for fit and comfort. Choose a size smaller than your normal size.  For example, if you normally wear a women’s size extra large, buy the size large.
  2. Try on the shapewear before you purchase. The garment selected should be smooth in texture, comfortable to wear, and should allow you freedom to move.  Do not purchase shapewear that is too tight and uncomfortable to wear.
  3. Invest in quality control garments. Some of the shapewear sold at discount stores do not stay in place and end up being an annoyance than a help.  Try on brands such as MiracleSuit or Spanx.
  4. The idea foundation garment must be high-waisted. Anything that cuts you off in the middle of your midriff will not do much real shaping.  Look for high-waisted shorts or bodysuits.  These will smooth your torso and thighs and provide support.
  5. Take your measurements each time you purchase new shapewear.

High-Waisted Bodysuit Shapewear

High-Waisted Short Shapewear 

Shapewear does wonders for your silhouette, improves your posture and will help to build your self-confidence. Happy Shapewear Shopping!


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